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Engineering and Consulting

Ingeteco provides the best Engineering and Consulting solutions for our clients. Contact us to obtain the best results in your Fire and Emergency Systems projects, guaranteed by the work of the best professionals, equipment and internationally renowned brands.


Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering

At Ingeteco we assist you from the beginning in your fire protection project. For this reason, with our professionals we develop conceptual, basic and detailed engineering, with the highest regulatory standards that allow us to make the best decision for the protection of our clients facilities.

Point Cloud Modeling by 3D scanning

New technologies allow us to deliver to our clients the best solutions with exact surveys, to make the best decisions in future projects. Ingeteco performs point cloud modeling surveys with our Leica laser scanner, which allows modeling adjusted to the real situation, providing reliable information for fire protection solutions.

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Generation of 3D "as built" models for use in BIM and Autocad environments

3D architecture allows us to make an idea as close to reality, achieving a high level of detail that allows us to efficiently desing and execute fire detection and protection projects and others that our clients require.

Technical Studies, Emergency Consulting and Emergency Plans

Our professionals are willing to provide the best advice and response to fire protection and emergency queries, thus delivering a complete service to our clients.

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