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Assembly of Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems

Ingeteco is a leader in the Assembly of Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems, being recognized and preferred by our clients to the implementation of these systems. Our experience, quality, security, and support from major brands make our work stand out and make a difference, making us strategic partners in the security of the facilities of large companies nationwide.


Assembly of Fire Detection Systems by aspiration, smoke, temperature, flame, among others

Our technicians are specialists in the assembly, configuration, programming and commissioning of Fire Detection Systems.

We have representation of the best brands in the market, providing a wide range of solutions for our clients.

Assembly of MSA Gas Detection Systems and others

Not just fire detection. We are capable of integrating all types of detection systems, electrocontrol, video surveillance, among others. Our technicians have the experience and support of MSA, along with other brands for the assembly and integration of their fixed gas detectors, providing a wide variety of solutions available to our customers.

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Assembly of Fire Extinguishing System for Clean Agents Novec 1230 and FM200

Ingeteco is specialist in the assembly of Fire Extinguishing Systems for clean agents, respalded with a extensive experience.

Our representations of Janus Fire Systems and 3M, allow us to providing the most modern fire extinguishing solution, with zero damage to people, the environment and facilities, which allow companies to maintain operational continuity.

Assembly of Fire Suppression System for Stat-X Aerosol Agent

Ingeteco is a specialist in the assembly of the Stat-X condensed aerosol-based agent fire extinguishing system, being a direct representative and recognized as one of the main distributors in Latin America.

This extinguishing solution is ideal for areas where is required an equipment robust and reliable, protecting critical areas of the industries, allowing operational continuity to be recovered in the shortest possible time.


Assembly of perimeter fire protection of industrial plants and specific risks

Ingeteco has a solid mechanical area, our technicians have vast experience in the assembly of large Water Based Suppression Systems projects.

We also have all the equipment and elements to be able to self-sufficiently develop any Water Based Suppression Systems project in steel piping and HDPE.


Refills cylinders with Novec 1230 and FM200 clean extinguishing agents

We have facilities, certified equipment and trained technicians for the correct loading and refilling of cylinders with Novec 1230 and FM200 clean agents, approved by Janus Fire Systems representatives, complying with the same procedures and factory standards.

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Leakage evaluation using door fan test

Our engineering area is certified in the leakage evaluation of enclosures to be protected with clean agents and aerosols, in compliance with the NFPA 2001 standard.

We have equipment for carrying out Retrotec brand door fan tests, together with software from the same manufacturer that allows us to deliver reports in accordance with the regulations.

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